Thursday, December 22, 2011

Why the Lokpak Bill will not work

I would like to use a a scenario familiar in the Computer Software industry to explain why I think the Lokpal Bill is not the solution to the problem of corruption.

A project was initiated with two incompetent programmers. Soon enough, the project was in trouble and in order to fix the problems, a Lead was drafted in. The problems continued and so an Architect was brought in as well. But despite bringing in the Architect, the problems persisted, so finally an external consultant was brought in. But alas, the problems did not go away.

Finally, someone in the organization decided to replace the programmers. The replacement programmers were competent. Within days, the problems were fixed, and the project was taken to its logical conclusion.

Now replace "incompetent" with "corrupt", "programmers" with "govt officials", "Lead" with "CBI/CVC/CAG", "Architect" with "Judiciary" and "External Consultant' with "Lokpal" and you see why this is not going to work.

No matter what we do, as long as the incompetent programmers are there churning out junk, the project will continue to have problems. So next time we vote, let us select a "competent developer".

It is also true there may not be many or any "competent developers". It will need several generations of sacrifice before India gets them. Question is, are you and I ready for that sacrifice?


  1. Few months back the parliament saluted Anna for his movement.. Now when the bill was inevitable the whole house got together to attack Anna... Arey silly netass.. Anna is man of Character & Principles.. which none of the parliamenterians have. He is man of Truth and even if whole of political sector stands against him they will be burnt in that fire of Truth. One thing is clear during yesterdays debate in parliament.. Everyone of the House are crooks & theives.. they hinding in the name of Parliament.. They must held accountable for what they have done to this nation.. else demolish the parliamentary system of this country and make Army rule..

  2. Neha, unfortunately, there is no institution left in this country which can claim to be untouched by corruption. Not corporate India, not the judiciary, not even the army. Eventually, the corrupt have been able to find a way to occupy positions of power and importance in all the important institutions.

    Which is why, I am so cynical that the same fate will befall the Lokpal panel. In years to come, it will become tainted as well, then what do we do.

    Unless honest citizens like you and me decide to get into the system and change it, things will not change. Change from outside will not work.