Thursday, December 1, 2011

Traders protest FDI in retail - not entirely justified

The internet, tablets and book readers such as Kindle are driving newspapers and book publishers out of business. Gmail and other electronic mail are driving postal office workers out of their jobs. These are just two areas that modern technology advances are driving people out of work. So how come, there are no protests? Is it because they are too small a group to organize themselves and create pressure groups? That they are so small in numbers that they do not constitute a vote bank? But is their job not a job and their livelihood not a concern for the rest of us? The march of commerce and technology cannot be stopped, it can be delayed, it can be controlled and manipulated but not stopped.

Instead of worrying about what Walmart and Tesco will do to us, this nation of 1 billion plus should be thinking of how we can use them to our advantage, NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND. And that mode of thinking is exactly the difference between the Chinese and we Indians.

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