Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Trump's approval rating will surge to 60% by the end of the year

Within his first year in office, Trump's approval rating will surge to 60% or higher - especially if he plays by the Narendra Modi playbook, and Monday was an indication that he will.


Because he is neither a Republican/Conservative or a Democrat/Liberal, but because is a bit of both. Which means he will never be bound by the ideological divides.

Just as Modi, despite the Adani / Ambani baggage managed to usurp the 'not-doing-well-economically', so will Trump, nothwithstanding a cabinet stacked with billionaires.

Just as Modi, despite the BJP being identified as the 'Hindu' and 'upper caste' party has usurped both Gandhi and Ambedkar and therefore a significant chunk of the Dalit and Congress base, Trump will be able to pull even more of traditional Republican and Democrat supporters (this process had already begun pre-elections).

He will continue to talk directly to the people, circumventing, trashing and ignoring the media - as does Modi. Other 'villans' will be raised from time to time and you will soon hear the narrative if you are against him or his policies you are not a patriot.

He will ram through his campaign promises which ideologically and strictly are neither here nor there and at both places at the same time (boy, this quauntum state of mind does not seem to escape me!). And as he does so, he will gain in popularity on the one hand and on the other, he will keep the media and analysts continually chasing rabbits with a steady stream of 'alternative facts'.

Good, bad or otherwise, fundamentally, there is a lot that is common between 'Make America Great Again' and 'Achhe Din' and expert and anaysts especially in the U.S. would do well to look beyond Brexit for similarities.

Will all of this lead to better days (acche din) for the average American (the aam aadmi)? I have no clue. But then this Write up is just about Trump's approval rating!