Thursday, May 22, 2014

Sacche din kab ayenge?

In our enthusiasm to mock Kejriwal and AAP, let us not forget, the biggest joke is on us, the citizens of India - the corrupt, the inept and the criminals, they all roam free and that is the biggest mockery of all.

You see, five years will pass. I have no doubt we will be better off as a country. And yet, nothing, nothing at all will be done against all the Congress scams.

It is week since the election results were declared and the Vasundhara govt has yet to act on Vadra. We were told, she did nothing in the four months since she took office as BJP would have been accused of being vindictive/election code of conduct etc.

What Kejriwal and AAP have been trying to tell us all is precisely this - the implicit nexus between major political parties on matters related to corruption.

Sacche din kab ayenge?

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