Sunday, August 5, 2012

Letter to Karan on Friendship Day

Dearest Karan,

On this friendship day, I would like to share with you how my life was shaped by important lessons I learnt from my dearest friends.

Kedar taught me to always stand by your friend - he exemplified "a friend in need is a friend indeed". By his actions, I learnt to give and share unconditionally, for that is true help and anything else is an obligation.

Raj once told me why he always smiled, particularly at children. "They are the future of this world", he said, "and when they see us elders smile, they will grow in the comfort and confidence that all is well in the world." From him I learnt, how important it is that we treat all children with affection so they can grow up to be better citizens and continue to spread cheer and goodwill in the world.

Sadu taught me to never be afraid of asking questions - in those days, it irritated and embarrassed me when he did, but later in the professional world, the value of asking questions became apparent and the import of it sunk in.

Jayesh's courageous decision to go "back to school" after a gap of several years made me realize it is never too late to pursue what you believe in.

From Aninda, I got the amazing gift of treating life's most complex problems in the most simple and clinical fashion. Dealing with his mother's cancer treatment, was "just another project" he said. When you treat life's problem as just another project, it allows you to focus on the solutions and not be overwhelmed by the problem.

When I first encountered Deven's ability to be brutually honest, I thought he was being suicidal or downright stupid. It takes great courage to be honest to someone's face, even when you are aware of the consequences.

I am thankful for the great times I had and will continue to have with my dear friends, but above all, what I have learnt from them, I cannot ever thank them enough for.

I am glad you have some very close friends already and you will continue to meet more. Cherish them and respect them - for there is nothing better in this world than a friend.

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